Mahabhumi (महाभूमि) @ (7/12 & 8A)

Mahabhumi (महाभूमि) @ (7/12 & 8A)

You want to download satbara utara or 8A Utara of your land in Maharashtra State then you take it from online portal. Recently Maharashtra government changed Mahabhulekh website portal to Mahabhumi. Official website of Mahabhumi is

People are getting confused with mahabhulekh web portal we are giving you right information regarding "How to Download Satbara from official  website?"

Official Website of Mahabhumi:

As per Maharashtra Government old website portal Mahabhulekh ( is shut down and opened new official website

Bhulekh Mahabhumi:

Official website :


Aaple Abhilekh website portal gives you digitally signed 7/12 and property card. Before that government runs Bhumi Abhilekh Website portal and now they changed to aaple Abhilekh.

Official Website :

How to Download 7/12 & 8A from Mahabhumi? (महाभूमि)


Before this Mahabhumi website government uses Mahabhulekh to download all land records in Maharashtra. ७/१२  ८अ

If you are downloading your satbara first time then you must follow following steps to get your online 7/12 records.

Step 1: First you must go to official website :

Step 2 : Then Checkout right site and Select your Division (विभाग)

There are total 5 divisions in Maharashtra as follows:
  • अमरावती (Amravati)
  • औरंगाबाद (Aurangabad)
  • कोकण (Kokan)
  • नागपुर (Nagpur)
  • नाशिक (Nashik)
  • पूणे (Pune)

Step 3 : After selecting Division. Click on "Go" Button. Now website is going to redirect on your division.

Select Either 7/12 or 8A which you want to download

Step 4 : Now Select your District (जिल्हा) and then Taluka (तालुका) and Village (गाव)


After that you see on Search Box by selecting (Survey No, First Name, Middle Name, Surname or Full Name)
Which you remember just select that one. Now enter is box appeared in front of you..

Now Click on "Search Button" (शोधा). Checkout Full List appeared in front of you.. Select Which is your Name..

Step 5: Now you must enter your 10 digit Mobile Number. Then click on 7/12 or 8A Button.

Step 6: You see website redirect to new page; here you must enter Captcha code and click on "Verify Capta to View 8a or 7/12"

Note : One Mobile Number will see only 6 7/12 and 8A

You see a your 7/12 or 8A in-front of you..
Now you take a print out for further use..

While looking for a 7/12 or 8A are you face any problem comment below we will try to solve it.

Bhulekh UP {उत्तर प्रदेश भूलेख } Bhu Naksha UP Khasra Khatauni

Bhulekh UP {उत्तर प्रदेश भूलेख खतौनी खसरा नक्शा} Bhu Naksha UP |

Are you from Uttar Pradesh or you are looking to buy any land in Uttar Pradesh then you must get a Khasra Khatauni. But Most of people are thinking that it's difficult because you need to go at government Office. But now It's a very easy process to get a Bhulkeh or Khasra Khatauni then you get a Uttar Pradesh Land records on single click. Because Uttar Pradesh Government recently launched a web Portal to get any land records on single click.

UP Bhulekh is the online computerized system for Uttar Pradesh Land Records. Now you don't want to go any Revenue Office or Patwari to get your Land records. You get your Uttar Prdaesh Land Records from Online with official website of UP Government

This web portal was launched in 2 May 2016.

Bhulekh UP

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh

Uttar Pradesh BhuLekh is comes from two hindi words Bhu and Lekh. Here Bhu means a Land and Lekh means record or details. Bhulekh means land record with name of owner, area and other most details.

How to Get a Khasra Khatauni (खतौनी खसरा नक्शा) Online from Bhulekh Web ( ?

Are you new or don't know about How to download your land records through Website then here we are going to give you step by step procedure for downloading you Land Records. There are few simple steps to get you land records with few steps of it.

Here we are giving you step by step procedure to get Khatauni Bhulekh.

Step 1 : First you must go to official website of UP Bhulekh :

You can see official website of Bhulekh

Step 2 : Now click on " Khatauni (खतौनी ) ki Nakal"

Step 3: You see on Captcha Code dialog box. Now you must enter a captcha code correctly as per case.

Step 4: After that you see a new window where all district of Uttar Pradesh see. Select your District from that list.

Step 5: Now select your Tehsil (You see full list you tehsil from respective district)

Step 6: Now Select Village.

Khasra Khatauni

After Selecting your village you see a new window.

Step 7 : Enter a credentials. Here you must enter your Gata No.
If you don't have your Gata No. then search your Khatauni by entering your "Account Number".
If you don't have your account number then just go with "Search by Name of the Account Holder" option.

Step 8: Done...
Your account details of Khatauni is available on your screen.

Take a print out of it for further uses.

Why Bhulekh Online is Important?

Every days, we must visit to Revenue office or revenue department to take a land records. It's not a easy way to get quick action. After visiting a government office you need to give all information after that you get a your land records in one or two days. That was a very time consuming process and you need to visit government office. This online system of land records, saves your time.

Maharashtra Government also launched official website for land records with Mahabhulekh site to get your Satbara.

Mahabhulekh 7/12 (७/१२ )Maharashtra | Satbara Utara सातबारा उतारा Online

Mahabhulekh 7/12 (७/१२ )Maharashtra | Satbara Utara सातबारा उतारा Online 2023

Maharashtra Government and Revenue Department of Maharashtra State made a Online portal or Portal of Bhumi Abhilekh. We developed to guide a information to people to How to get a Mahabhulekh 7/12 in Marathi or How to get a Satbara Utara Online.? Satbara gives a information regarding land records of Maharashtra. Satbara gives information of Land owner, Survey No. Crop etc. 

You want to get a information related any land of Maharashtra then Mahabhulekh Portal helping it out to get information on single click. You can download Satbara Utara (7/12) Online, 8A and Malmatta Patrak or Property Card from official portal of Mahabhulekh.

In this article we will help you to How to Download Satbara Utara Online from Mahabhulekh.
Government divided Maharashtra land records into 6 Sections. These are as follows:
  1. Amravati - अमरावती
  2. Aurangabad - औरंगाबाद
  3. Konkan - कोंकण
  4. Nagpur - नागपूर 
  5. Nashik - नाशिक
  6. Pune - पुणे

Mahabhulekh 7/12 in Marathi| How to download 7/12 Satbara Utara Online from Mahabhulekh Official Website? महा भूमि अभिलेख | 7/12 उतारा महाराष्ट्र (७/१२ उतारा)

Recently Government Launched new portal : Mahabhumi (महाभूमि) @

More Details >> Mahabhumi (महाभूमि)


Looking to Download Mahabhulekh 7/12 Satbara Utara Online from official Website then you need to follow few simple steps to Download it. Check out following steps to download your Mahabhuekh 7/12 in Marathi.
  • First Step to go with official website of Mahabhulekh:
  • Then You must check Division First.
  • After Division Select 7/12 or 8A or Malmatta Patrak
  • Now Select District
  • After that Select Taluka, then Village.
  • Enter your Survey No/ Gat No or Name to Search Satbara online
  • Now Click on Search Button "शोधा".
  • You get your Satbara in new pop Window. Now Take a printout of it for your reference.

Step to Step information in Marathi:
विभाग >> ७/१२ किंवा ८अ किंवा मालमत्ता पत्रक >> जिल्हा >> तालुका >> गाव >> सर्वे नंबर/ गट नंबर // अक्षरी सर्वे नंबर/ गट नंबर >> पहिले नाव / मधील नाव / आडनाव / संपूर्ण नाव >> शोधा

While Searching 7/12 on Mahabhulekh you face any problem then just comment below. Our Team will help you to solve your problem.

Official website of Mahabhulekh >>

Apna Khata Rajasthan Land Records (अपना खाता - जमाबंदी नकल)

Maharashtra government already launched a e portal for Land records with name of Mahabhulekh or Mahabhumi. Now Rajasthan government also started a web portal with name of "Apna Khata" or "e Dharti". It's a good news for people who are looking for a information about Land in Rajasthan. From this web portal you get a "Jamabandi Nakal". Here we are providing you step by step information and easy way to find you Rajasthan Online Land Records.

Why Online Land Records of Rajasathan Need? Is Apna Khata or E-Dharti Required?


Answer is Yes.. Because before this online website, when you needed any Land map or Jamabandi Nakal required then you need to go any Sarkari or Government Office. At that time you guarantee that you get a all records quickly. Because officers are busy with other work or some time they on leave. There are many reasons because of this reason you must go again and again to get this type of records. Because of this headache government decided to launch a official website to get all Land records of Rajasathan. We must say thank you to Rajasthan Government for this Website.

How Useful is Apna Khata (अपना खाता) ?

Few of People think than Apnakhata website is useful? Yes. Because when you want to check a land records of Rajasthan of your land then you check anytime 24/7 by using apnakhata raj nic website. When you want to take a loan from any bank you must need a Jamabandi (जमाबंदी) then here you get a quick access or Jamabandi in printable format. For this types of all records you don't need to go any government office.

How to Find a Land Records through Apna Khata (अपना खाता))?

There are few simple steps you need to follow and you get a quick Jamabandi Nakal (जमाबंदी नकल) and Land Records of Rajasthan.

Apna Khata Rajasthan | Apna Khata Dekhe How to Download Jamabandi from Apnakhata ?

You are now few steps away from download your Jamabandi from official website of Rajasthan Government website  ( You must follow step by step procedure given in this article to get a Jamabandi in pritable format.

Step 1 : First you must go with official website of Apnakhata or E-Dharti (

Step 2 : After opening a official website; you see a Rajasthan State Map of right Side with all Districts.
Click on your district name.

Apna Khata

E.g. We click on "Kota District"

Step 3 : After clicking a your District; now you see district map with all Tehsil. You click on Tehsil which you want to find your land records. We click on "Ladpura Tehsil Kota".

अपना खाता

Step 4 : Now you see all village names.. Now you click with you "village name" E.g. We clicked on "Ranpur"

Jamabandi Nakal

Step 5 : You see a one form types of "Jamabandi Nakal". Here you see already District, Tehsil and village name appeared.

Now you must put a Name on Land owner or you choose options are given like "Khata" or "Khasara" or "Name" or "USN" or "GRN" and click on "Chayan Kare".


Step 6 : After that you see your details are appeared at bottom. Now Click on "Nakal (suchnartha)" नकल (सूचनार्थ)

After that you see the your Jamabandi in "printable format". You take a printout for your reference.

Rajasthan Land Records

Apna Khata Helpline Number

We will Update Apna Khata helpline Number Soon..

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the E-Dharti?
Rajasthan Government recently started a E-Dharti (इ-धरती) Portal to get all Land records of Rajasthan State.

2. What is the official website of Apna Khata? is official website of Rajasthan Land Records or Apna Khata.

3. Apna Khata Not Working?
Few times because of server problem "Apna Khata is not Working". Try after some time.

Land Records of Other State:

Bhumiabhilekh (भूमि अभिलेख) : Guide to Download Bhumi Abhilekh (7/12) Utara Online

Bhumiabhilekh (भूमि अभिलेख) 2023

Maharashtra Government started Bhumiabhilekh (भूमि अभिलेख) Department to keep all land records of Maharashtra. is the official website of Bhumiabhilekh and want to get a Satbara online then here we are giving information about Bhimiabhilekh. Now day government launched Mahabhulekh website ( to get Satbara (7/12) Utara Online. When you buy a new land and wants to register your name on that land then you must go to Maharashtra State Revenue Department (महसुल विभाग). While doing registration you must know previous details at that time you get a record through Maha Bhumi abhilkeh.

How to Get Land Record through Bhmiabhilekh?

While buying or selling of land or you want to take land information through 7/12 utara then Bhimiabhilekh is the right place to get all land records. Want to download Land Records then you use the official portal of Maharashtra Government. From Satbara you got a information of owner of Land and few other information. Satbara have information like Land owner's name, Village/Town, City, District, How much area have, Crops details, Loans and few other information.

Satbara Utara (7/12) Details:

Most of peoples who don't know about Satbara Utara, they may ask why it is important.? Which information is inside this Satbara Utara?. From this satbara Utara (7/12) you get a most of all information of Land which you took a satbara Utara.

Where is the Satbara Utara is useful?

There are many use of satbara (7/12) Utara. Few uses of Satbara Utara are given below:
>> It is useful for any Personal Work
>> Any case in court of civil litigation then court need s a land records
>> It is actual proof of land.
>> It used when anyone wants to sell a land to other onece.
>> To get a loan for farm from society or bank

How to get Satbara Utara Online? or 7/12 Utara Online Website Download:

Here we are giving you step by step information regarding how to get a Satbara Utara Online through Bhumi Abhilekh (भूमि अभिलेख)? Previously you get a satbara Utara Online through Bhumiabhilekh website ( . Now government retained website for information regarding Bhumiabhilekh but they changed website to download 7/12 Utara Online. For download Satbara Utara Online you must go with

Check out the step by step prcedure to download 7/12 Utara Online Website:

  • For download 7/12 Utara Online you must go to official website of Mahabhulekh:
  • Then select which Division (Because there are total 6 Divisions: Amaravati, Aurangabad, Konkan, Nagpur, Nashik, Pune).


  • After Selecting diviison. Select 7/12.
  • Then Select Disctrict, then Taluka, then Village.
Bhumi Abhilekh

  • Now for searching a 7/12 Utara Online. If you know a survey Number or Gat Number then put there otherwise you select any one of First name, Middle Name, Surname or direct full name. Put the correct information there.
  • Last step Go with Search Button (शोधा). Now you got your Satbara Utara (7/12) Online through  Bhumiabhilekh

While searching Satbara Utara Online, you got a any problem then just comment below we will try to solve your problem.

Incoming Search Terms:
Bhumiabhilekh, Bhumi Abhilekh 7 12 Utara, 7/12 Utara in Marathi Online, Bhu Naksha Maharashtra

7/12 Utara Pune Download | 7/12 उतारा पुणे

7/12 Utara Pune Download | 7/12 उतारा पुणे
7/12 Utara Pune

You are looking for 7/12 Utara Pune Online to download then Mahabhulekh is the official web Portal of Maharashtra Government's Revenue Department and Bhumiabhilekh. Here we are giving you direct link to download your 7/12 Utara and Procedure for Getting 7/12 Pune Utara Online.

Maharashtra Government land records divided into 6 division and Pune is one of the Division of it. It's very easy and simple way to get Satbara Utara Online from official website. You can use either website of Mahabhulekh or Android App of Mahabhulekh to get your Satbara Utara Pune Region.

How to Download 7/12 Utara Pune? | Mahabhulekh 7/12 Pune | 7/12 पुणे उतारा

There are simple steps to download your 7/12 Utara Pune from Mahabhulekh. Follow the following steps to get your 7/12 पुणे उतारा Online.

7/12 उतारा पुणे

  • First go to official website:
  • After Select 7/12 (७/१२)
  • Then Select district (जिल्हा) Pune.
  • Select Taluka (तालुका) after that village (गाव)
  • Different Talukas in Pune Disctrict: Ambegaon, Indapur, Khed, Junnar, Daund, Pune City, Purandar, Baramati, Bhor, Maval, Mulshi, Velhe, Haveli, Shirur
  • Now Search with Survey Number/Gat Number or First Name or Middle Name or Surname or Full Name
  • Then Click on "Search (शोधा)"
  • You get your 7/12 Utara Pune in Pop-up Window.
  • Download 7/12 Utara and Take a Printout.

While finding 7/12 Utara Pune Online any difficulties then just comment below. Our Team will try to solve your Problem.

Official Website:

Satbara | What is 7/12 | सातबारा उतारा माहिती

Satbara | What is 7/12 | सातबारा उतारा माहिती

Most of people are living in Cities because of jobs, services or any kind of business. Most of people have lands in their villages and they don't know about How much Land is there? Which crop is there? If you want to know more about your Agriculture land then Satbara (7/12) is important. You get a detailed information about your land by using Satbara Utara. Maharashtra government developed portal named Mahabhulekh where you get a detailed information of your land through 7/12 and 8A Records.

What is 7/12 (Satbara)?

सातबारा उतारा

You can called mirror of Land. Because you get a all information of your land at home without going into land. There are total 21 types of sections of village land in Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966. Combined of form 7 and form 12, we got a 7/12 Utara.

How to Read Satbara 7/12 Utara?

In Satbara Utara there are two sections one is form 7 and another is form 12. Both are combined in single form.
Form 7: It defines Owner details and their rights
Form 12: It defines Crop Details

Why 7/12 is Important?

While a buying and plot or agriculture land you need to get a 7/12 Utara first. 7/12 Utara clears your all doubts regarding land. You must remember that satbara cannot be used for transfer land from one owner to another owner.

How to Get a Satbara (7/12) Utara?

You get a satbara Utara from Tehsil Office. Recently Maharashtra Government's Revenue Department launched official website to Download your 7/12 from Online. is the official website of Mahabhulekh or Bhumi Abhilekh to Download your Satbara Utara with few simple  easy steps.
  • It is used in any civil legal disputes.
  • It contains important information like loan, legal disputes etc..