Bhulekh UP {उत्तर प्रदेश भूलेख } Bhu Naksha UP Khasra Khatauni

Bhulekh UP {उत्तर प्रदेश भूलेख खतौनी खसरा नक्शा} Bhu Naksha UP |

Are you from Uttar Pradesh or you are looking to buy any land in Uttar Pradesh then you must get a Khasra Khatauni. But Most of people are thinking that it's difficult because you need to go at government Office. But now It's a very easy process to get a Bhulkeh or Khasra Khatauni then you get a Uttar Pradesh Land records on single click. Because Uttar Pradesh Government recently launched a web Portal to get any land records on single click.

UP Bhulekh is the online computerized system for Uttar Pradesh Land Records. Now you don't want to go any Revenue Office or Patwari to get your Land records. You get your Uttar Prdaesh Land Records from Online with official website of UP Government

This web portal was launched in 2 May 2016.

Bhulekh UP

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh

Uttar Pradesh BhuLekh is comes from two hindi words Bhu and Lekh. Here Bhu means a Land and Lekh means record or details. Bhulekh means land record with name of owner, area and other most details.

How to Get a Khasra Khatauni (खतौनी खसरा नक्शा) Online from Bhulekh Web ( ?

Are you new or don't know about How to download your land records through Website then here we are going to give you step by step procedure for downloading you Land Records. There are few simple steps to get you land records with few steps of it.

Here we are giving you step by step procedure to get Khatauni Bhulekh.

Step 1 : First you must go to official website of UP Bhulekh :

You can see official website of Bhulekh

Step 2 : Now click on " Khatauni (खतौनी ) ki Nakal"

Step 3: You see on Captcha Code dialog box. Now you must enter a captcha code correctly as per case.

Step 4: After that you see a new window where all district of Uttar Pradesh see. Select your District from that list.

Step 5: Now select your Tehsil (You see full list you tehsil from respective district)

Step 6: Now Select Village.

Khasra Khatauni

After Selecting your village you see a new window.

Step 7 : Enter a credentials. Here you must enter your Gata No.
If you don't have your Gata No. then search your Khatauni by entering your "Account Number".
If you don't have your account number then just go with "Search by Name of the Account Holder" option.

Step 8: Done...
Your account details of Khatauni is available on your screen.

Take a print out of it for further uses.

Why Bhulekh Online is Important?

Every days, we must visit to Revenue office or revenue department to take a land records. It's not a easy way to get quick action. After visiting a government office you need to give all information after that you get a your land records in one or two days. That was a very time consuming process and you need to visit government office. This online system of land records, saves your time.

Maharashtra Government also launched official website for land records with Mahabhulekh site to get your Satbara.